STEP1: Confirm your registration category and fee.


The registration steps are listed below. Please decide the category of your registration according to the table, and complete payment in the Registration Page (on the bottom of this webpage).



1. The fee of the hotel includes 1 bed for 2 nights. Normally, we will randomly arrange for 2 people to live in a same standard room. If you want to live with a specific partner, please inform us by filling the Remark column of the Registration Page. If you want to live in a single room, you will have to pay 400 RMB / 60 USD for the extra hotel fee.

2. IEEE (student) member registrants will be asked to provide their IEEE (student) membership card. If you do not have an electronic card in hand, click the button below to learn the way to get your card from IEEE website. 


3. Each author can register 1 paper with your regular registration (A/B/C/D), and no more than 2 additional papers with extra pay (800 RMB / 130 USD per paper as listed).

4. Submissions without author registration will be treated as no-show and will not be published in the conference proceedings or IEEE database.

5. During the conference, on-site registration will be available for listeners. However, its fee will be adjusted based on the actual circumstances.

6. The registrants outside mainland China can choose to attend the conference online. However, there will be no registration fee discount.

Please confirm the following improtant information again:

1. Registration category and the corresponding fee.

2. Hotel accommodation arrangement.

3. Limit of the paper amount and the number of the maximum pages.

4. Payment method.

5. (Optional) Bank transfer note and account information.

After you've determined everything, click the botton below to complete registration.


Registration Page




SCEMS2023+注册人姓名+论文ID(如:SCEMS2023 张三三 EM001)。

Bank Transfer Note

Registrants outside mainland China please use the English note:

SCEMS2023+Registrant name+Submission ID (e.g. SCEMS2023 San-San Zhang EM001).

STEP2: Confirm your payment method

There are multiple ways for the registrants to pay for the fee.

1. Pay via Alipay, Wechat Pay, etc.

     Please go to the Registration Page directly on the bottom of the webpage.

2. Pay via bank transfer.

   For bank transfer payment, please pay your registration fee by transferring to the following bank account. Please add the following note (in green characters) to your transfer.

    *Registrants inside mainland China please write down the note in Chinese. Other registrants please write down in English.

    After the transfer is completed, please submit the payment voucher in the Registration Page.


STEP3: Go to the Registration Page to complete registration.